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2019 Presentation Information

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Saturday, Jan 12th, 2019 Presentations on 1) Where Do We Go From Here? , 2) Market Update and San Francisco Federal Reserve

1. Where Do We Go From Here?

Al Zmyslowski and Bill Jump will be joined by members of the Silicon Valley board and present the key takeaways from the recent 2018 AAII Investor Conference and provide a market review as we enter 2019. Their presentation will be followed by a Q&A session.

You Will Learn:

  1. Highlights from the 2018 AAII Investor Conference
  2. An update on the markets looking into 2019
  3. With a panel discussion: quiz your board members

Discussed by:
Al Zmyslowski , Computerized Investing Chair, AAII Silicon Valley Chapter

Al, Zmyslowski is an individual investor, a long-time member of AAII and leader of the Silicon Valley chapter’s Computerized Investing group. Zmyslowski is particularly interested in using computerized investing systems that result in good performance, infrequent trading and a low expenditure of time.

2. Market Update and San Francisco Federal Reserve

Liz Laderman’s presentation will focus on explaining the “dual mandate” goals of maximum employment and stable prices that Congress has given the Federal Reserve for monetary policy and reporting on where the U.S. economy is with respect to those goals and where it’s headed. She’ll look at the overall growth of the U.S. economy and the implications of the Federal Reserve Bank of San Francisco’s forecasted growth rate for unemployment and inflation. She’ll also discuss what factors are influencing the economy and the San Francisco Fed’s forecast and compare baseline growth today with growth rates seen in the past.

You Will Learn:

  1. What the Fed’s dual mandate for monetary policy really means
  2. How the U.S. economy is doing with respect to the dual mandate goals, and where it is headed
  3. What factors underlie the San Francisco Fed’s forecasts for U.S. growth, unemployment and inflation

Discussed by:
Liz Laderman , Senior Outreach Economist, Economic Education and Outreach Department, Federal Reserve Bank of San Francisco

Liz, Laderman is a senior outreach economist in the Economic Education and Outreach Department of the Federal Reserve Bank of San Francisco. She speaks to outreach audiences on current economic conditions, the economic outlook and monetary policy.
Laderman also does research on household finance, small and new business finance and small and new business formation and employment. She has published over 50 research papers and articles.
Laderman has a B.A. in mathematics from Grinnell College and a Ph.D. in economics from the University of California at Berkeley.

Meeting Details:

  • Date:
  • Saturday, Jan 12th, 2019
  • Location:
  • Shoup Park Garden House
  • 400 University Avenue
  • Los Altos, CA 94022
8:30 A.M. Registration / Social / Book Swap
  • 8:30 A.M : Chapter announcements
  • 9:00 A.M : Presentation Starts
  • 10:15 A.M : Break
  • 10:30 A.M : Presentation Resumes
  • 11:30 A.M : Q&A

  • FEES: New Reduced Fees
    In Advance, Postmarked by Jan 7th, 2019: $15/person
    Online by Jan 10th, 2019: $15/person
    At the Door (space permitting): $20/person
    Persons under 25 (with ID), Free
    Non-Members Are Welcome
    No Refunds

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